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Berea Automotive Engineering Corp.
is a leading M&G Distributor & Installation Center

M&G Dingy Brake System, simply the most reliable, fast & easy 10 second hook-up and best unit available!

M&G Brake unit is apx. 4" long apx. 4" long  Need to move Master Cylinder apx. 4" forward.

Jeep Wrangler

Is your Motor Home & Dingy vehicle legal in all states & Canada?
If you do get into an accident will an ambulance chaser get on your back?
Most States have passed laws with requirements for dingy brake or towed brake vehicle braking.  States requiring additional brakes for towed vehicles according to AAA 2002 Digest of Motor Laws: Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Canada.  Please consult your appropriate governmental agency for information regarding your State and local laws as more states will be joining the list.  If you get into an accident without a tow brake system it could make things a little sticky in any State if you know what I mean!   Not to mention piece of mind.

Key Benefits:
M&G Car Braking Systems for Coaches with AIR BRAKES
For this type braking system, an air cylinder is mounted between the master cylinder and vacuum booster on the towed vehicle. An air pressure line is connected to the motor coach's air brake system and extended to the air cylinder on the towed vehicle, with a quick disconnect or optional coiled air hose.
When the brakes on the coach are applied, the brakes on the towed vehicle are applied AT THE SAME TIME, resulting in a smoother, safer stop. This not only gives an added margin of safety by REDUCING STOPPING DISTANCE BY 1/3, but also eliminates the towed vehicle's tendency to "run under" the coach, making both vehicles easier to control.
Tow Vehicle Braking Systems apply the brakes  on both the towing and towed vehicle to help stop in shorter distances,  with more control, and less wear and stress on the towed vehicle. Tested  on a 25,000 lb. coach towing a 3,100 lb. car, without the tow brake system  installed, the combination took 320 ft. to stop 60 miles per hour. After  tow brake installation the stopping distance was only 205 ft. A reduction  of 100 feet. That difference could be the difference between a minor panic  stop and a major accident. The tow brake system also helps you to stop  in a straight line with much less chance of the brakes locking up.
This added margin of safety can help protect your life, the well-being of your passengers and the tremendous investment you have in your recreational vehicles.
When the towed vehicle is disconnected and being driven independently, the M&G Car Braking System air cylinder simply acts as a pushrod.
Air Brakes: $605.00
Installation Kit: $ 35.00

M&G Car Braking System for Coaches with HYDRAULIC BRAKES
For motor coaches with this type braking system, an air cylinder is mounted between the master cylinder and vacuum booster on the towed vehicle. A 12-volt air compressor, an air accumulator tank and a proportioning valve are mounted in the coach. These units are in the power pack, and are mounted externally on the frame of the coach. One air line connects the motor coach and the towed vehicle using a quick disconnect.
When the brakes on the coach are applied THE BRAKES ON THE TOWED VEHICLE ARE APPLIED SIMULTANEOUSLY! Two brakes working together for a safer, smoother stop. A REDUCTION IN STOPPING DISTANCE OF OVER 1/3 on test vehicles PLUS a far more CONTROLLED STOP!!!
As in the previous system described, when the towed vehicle is being driven independently, the M&G Car Braking System air cylinder performs as a pushrod.
Hydraulic Brakes: $920.00 plus shipping
Installation Kit: $ 40.00

For a motor coach with air over hydraulic brakes or other on-board air supply of 100# or better the compressor is not needed. The coach will utilize its own air pressure to operate the M&G brake system. A proportioning valve will be supplied to control the air pressure sent to the braking system by sensing hydraulic pressure required to stop the coach and supply a controlled amount of air the your dingy vehicle.
Air over Hydraulic Brakes or onboard air supply kit: $730.00
Installation Kit: $40.00

Air Hose, Coiled Heavy Duty Polymer, (Optional): $50

All M&G systems are unconditionally guaranteed by M&G for one year plus two years limited warranty (not applied to compressor or pressure switch-2 yr. warranty only). Complete step-by-step, easy to follow instructions are included with each system.
To order an M&G Car Braking System for YOUR motor coach give us a call at 1-440-234-6810 / Fax 440-234-6674.  We do require a $100 deposit with your order for in house installation or full payment for the do it yourselfers please send a check or call (440)-234-6810 with your Credit Card #.

Wireless Brake Alert System from Blue-Ox $162.50

bulletBenefit 2: Nothing to mess with in the car.
bulletBenefit 3: Nothing to store when it's time to use your vehicle.
bulletBenefit 4: No adjustments to play with.
bulletBenefit 5: Proportional braking system, driver controlled.
bulletBenefit 6: Quick easy Connect and Disconnect.
bulletBenefit 7: No added strain put on the vehicle firewall as with other systems.
bulletBenefit 9: Buying a new vehicle, we have an exchange program.

No tax outside of Ohio, Please call with your order.
We now except Credit Cards by Phone only for now.

Description Price
RV w/Air Brakes                     (A) $605
Installation Kit                          (A) $35
RV w/Hydraulic Brakes          (B) $920
Hydraulic Installation Kit         (B) $40
RV w/Air over Hydraulic         (C) $730
Air/Hyd. Install Kit                    (C) $40
Brake-A-Way Kit,            (Optional) $195
Coiled Air Blue Hose,     (Optional) $50
Exchange OLD Unit,       (New Car) $425
Wireless Brake Alert System $162.50
Air Filter & Tube, iL 6cyl. Jeep $100
CRV Cross Bar Modification, your bar $100

We also offer standard & custom instillation service
Some vehicles require additional modifications to make room for the re-location of the master cylinder forward apx. 4".  We build some of the required components for the custom conversions in house.
[NOTE]: We only do Motor-Home installs in nice weather outside, we do not have room in the shop for RV just dinghy's (sorry).

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