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Air Pump
Brake-A-Way Applaction List Air Pump Coiled Air Hose Adapters Install Instruction


Air Pump system required for Hydraulic Brake Systems


M&G Car Braking System for coaches with HYDRAULIC BRAKES
For motor coaches with this type braking system, an air cylinder is mounted between the master cylinder and vacuum booster on the towed vehicle. A 12-volt air compressor, an air accumulator tank and a proportioning valve are mounted in the coach. These units are in the power pack, and are mounted externally on the frame of the coach. One air line connects the motor coach and the towed vehicle using a quick disconnect.
When the brakes on the coach are applied THE BRAKES ON THE TOWED VEHICLE ARE APPLIED SIMULTANEOUSLY! Two brakes working together for a safer, smoother stop. A REDUCTION IN STOPPING DISTANCE OF OVER 1/3 on test vehicles PLUS a far more CONTROLLED STOP!!!
As in the previous system described, when the towed vehicle is being driven independently, the M&G Car Braking System air cylinder performs as a pushrod.
Hydraulic Brakes $920.00 plus shipping
Installation Kit $ 40.00

Call for Base Plate Car, SUV & Pick-Up applications.

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