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Cloud II & III or P5 V8 Conversion

Cloud II & III or P5 Air Cleaner
Air Filter connection 350HP EFI Engine only.
to Rolls Air Filter, check out the 4" SS "U" Bend tube.
This will help retain the Rolls intake sound.

Cloud II & III or P5 Air Cleaner
Stock Rolls Air Filter 350HP EFI Engine only.
We also have an optional washable Air Filter
for better breathing.  Washable for life.

Rolls Royce Cloud, P5, Bentley S, Engine Conversions


350" V8 w/260hp in a P5 limo


Ready for your Rolls or Bentley BodyNEW:
We have completed our all new fully boxed Chassis for the S-I, S-II & S-III Rolls & Bentley vehicles.
This is an up-to-date unit with Power Rack & Pinion Steering, 4 wheel Disc Brakes, Rear Air Suspension and a choice of Engines with up to 640 hp. and EFI.  The Chassis is .125" wall compared to the .062" original Rolls unit.
(Click on picture for full view) then return.
9" Rear Axle w/Air Suspension Power Rack & Pinion Steering, New Suspension S-I Chassis Complete rolling modern Chassis with many available options

All Turbo-Hydro 400's are not the same, do you want your Rolls to feel like a Chevrolet or a Rolls Royce?

1990 Rolls Transmissions we use for the Cloud conversions to replace the old GM 4 speed Hydra-Matic used in the Cloud & Bentley vehicles.  This Transmission is the correct size to clear the original Rolls Transmission mounts with out cutting brackets off the Rolls frame.  Chevrolet Transmission is a poor choice, even though it will fit the engine it will not fit the chassis correctly, this works a LOT better.

NEW: TH400 housing with smaller & shorter bell housing.
This also allows required space for the adapter with the Cloud Motor-Mounts & retains correct converter spacing.  We also have the correct out-put flange to connect to the Cloud drive shaft with the larger "U"-Joint. We install the correct components to match the weight & HP of the conversion on your specific vehicle.  This allows the best shifting feel & reliability.

This is the inside of a Chevrolet TH-400 Automatic
Check the pump passage's at the bottom of the picture.
This is part of the reason we selected the Rolls Automatic
over the standard Chevrolet TH-400 Automatic.

This is the inside of a Rolls Royce TH-400 Automatic
View the added pump oil passages at the lower portion.
This will make a difference in the shifting & performance
of a Hi quality TH-400 and a standard TH-400.

Cloud S-I, S-II & S-III
Gear Selector to match the TH-400
Stainless shift Plate
Custom engraved to match new Automatic.

Cloud II & III front Engine mount.
This custom mount will fit the GM 350 V8
to the Cloud factory rubber engine mount.
NO cutting or welding required to fit the new V8.

Rear Engine Adapter Mount & 12.75" Flex Plate.
Rear Mounts bolts up to the Rolls/Bentley mount pads
NO cutting, welding or altering the Rolls frame to mount the
New GM Engine in the Rolls position, same with the front mount

NOTE: We have the best Brake Conversion for your swap available with out question.
Our conversion accommodates the extended 3.5" master cylinder travel required due to the lack of brake shoe adjustments on Cloud vehicles.  We also eliminate the 18" lag & supply the required 2,000# hydraulic pressure.

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