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Air Filter

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Washable Rolls or Bentley Air Filter
The Last Filter you will ever need for your
Rolls Royce or Bentley V8

Washable Engine Air Filters, The last filter you will ever buy (for this car).
Improve performance & Fuel Economy with out any modification to your car.
This washable cotton fabric air filter is good for 1,000,000 miles of service with periodic recharging with a kit available from US,  Holley, K&N or many parts stores.  Shadow, "T", Spirit, Spur & Corniche Filter is 10"L x 3.5"ID x 6"OD.

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This washable cotton fabric air filter is good for 1,000,000 miles of service with periodic recharging with a kit available from US,  Holley, K&N or many parts stores.
Cloud, Bentley or P-5 Filter is 4"L x 5.86"ID x 8.37"OD.

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Air Filter Cleaner Service Kit
Sand B Cleaning KitContains 1 12 oz. can  - aerosol air filter oil and
 1  12 oz. pump bottle - air filter cleaner
Cleans and oils all foam or fabric air filters

Key Benefits

bulletImproved breathing up to 50%.
bulletBetter performance.
bulletBetter fuel economy.
bulletFit all V8 Rolls & Bentley Cars, with 10" or (2) 5" long Filters .
bulletNEW Cloud Air Filters now available Round 8.37"OD x 5.86"ID x 4"Long
bulletSome Rolls & Bentley's came with two 5" long filters replacing one 10".
bulletThis Filters replaces the stock filter so no modification is required, direct replacement.
bullet1,000,000 mile life, or 41 times around the world.
bulletEasy to wash & re-charge & service.
bulletNOTE: This filter custom built for us to our specifications!
bulletNOTE: Filters come pre-oiled & ready to install.
bulletService every 25,000 Miles or when dirty with our 6005-M kit or other mfg. kit's
bulletThis filter combines years of experience and design. The more pleats per filter, the higher the air flow. The higher the air flow, the higher the Horse Power. You cannot deny that as well as being the best, it is also the finest looking air filter you can buy! And remember, it is totally reusable.
bulletOur filter is designed to last the life of your engine. The air filter design will not be affected by high humidity or moisture. When cleaning is desired, simply wash with POW-R-PLUS cleaner. NEVER use solvents or compressed air to clean the POW-R-PLUS filter. AFTER FILTER IS DRIED, RE-OIL WITH THE CORRECT  FILTER OIL.
bulletTHERE IS NO SECRET - To get more air flow we use more pleats per filter. To get more air flow we use deeper pleats. We use the same type of cotton gauze as our competitor. The above adds up to more surface area per filter, which means more air flow to the intake of the engine, hence the name POW-R-PLUS.



This filter funnels greater air flow to your engine, utilizing the smooth radius flange.


Description SKU # Price USD UPS
Shadow V8 fender mounted Air Filter S-6008-M $58.00 ?
Cloud hood mounted Air Filter


$52.00 ?
Air Filter Service Kit 6005-K $15.00 ?

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